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Forever Red Project: Brahms Addiction Clara Tsang and Warren Lee Duo Recital 情迷布拉姆斯 - 曾鳳李偉安二重奏音樂會

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Clara Tsang and Warren Lee Duo Recital

情迷布拉姆斯 - 曾鳳李偉安二重奏音樂會

Hong Kong Cellist Society is proud to present an extraordinary concert “Brahms Addiction Clara Tsang and Warren Lee Duo Recital, featuring cellist Clara Tsang and pianist Warren Lee, to be held on 22 June, 2013 (Saturday 8pm) in the Concert Hall of the Hong Kong Academy for Performance Arts (HKAPA).

This is our fourth concert under the Forever Red Project.  We journey into the life and works of Brahms, where you will discover his cello and piano music.  Over twenty years separated Brahms’s two cello sonatas No. 1 in E minor, Op 38 and No. 2 in F major Op 99, and thus one is youthful yet tragic, while the second one is mature yet still heroic.  His cello sonata in D major Op 78 transcribed from his violin sonata was inspired by tragedy but full of restrained sweetness.  We hope these works of the Romanticism of Brahms will seduce and enchant you, whisking you off to a world of passion, devotion, and hope.

今年六月二十二日(星期六)香港演藝學院音樂廳),大提琴家曾鳳將與鋼琴家李偉安先生合作演出由香港大提琴家協會主辦的Forever Red 計劃演奏系列之四《情迷布拉姆斯 曾鳳李偉安二重奏音樂會》,獻上三首布拉姆斯的E小調Op.38,F大調 Op.99 和D大調 Op.78(改編自小提琴G大調)的大提琴與鋼琴奏鳴曲,為樂迷帶來一場感性而浪漫的音樂饗宴。

Cello大提琴 – Clara Tsang曾鳳

Piano 鋼琴 – Warren Lee李偉安

June 22th, 2013 SAT 六 8PM

The Hong Kong Academy for Performance Arts Concert Hall 香港演藝學院音樂廳


J. Brahms

Cello Sonata in D major Op. 78 (arr. from Violin Sonata)

D大調大提琴奏鳴曲,作品78 (改編自小提琴奏鳴曲)

J. Brahms

Cello Sonata No. 1 in E minor Op. 38


J. Brahms

Cello Sonata No. 2 in F major Op. 99




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Cellist – Clara Tsang Fung

Clara Tsang graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Music (Cello Performance). She studied under different cellists, including Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Principal Cellist Richard Bamping and HKAPA Professor Ray Wang, and attended master classes of Pacific Music Orchestra Principal Cellist Timothy Landuer, Vienna Philharmonic Cellist Gerhard lberer and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Cellist Martin Menking. She also learnt from world renowned professor Orlando Cole from Curtis Institute of Music, University of Texas Professor Bion Tsang, Thomas Gossenbacher from Switzerland, Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra Principal Cellist Artem Konstantinov and Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Principal Cellist Ariel Barnes. She was invited to join the Pacific Music Festival (2005 ) in Japan with conductors Jun Märkl and Nello Santi. In 2012 she was invited by The Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific in Canada and played under the baton of Arthur Arnold. In 2008 she gave her first cello recital. She has participated in numerous music videos, live shows and CD recordings for pop singers and music groups of different genres, such as the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival (2011), “Wing Chun” Documentary (2012), Music Lab multi-media Sonic Anchor (2013). 

Her passion in bringing music to as many people as possible has led her to establish Hong Kong Cellist Society in 2004, which comprised of an annual Hong Kong Cello Festival, Young Musicians Performance Program (YMPP), Cappuccino Moment and Forever Red Project.  Forever Red project was established since September of 2012. It is a project where emerging and established artists alike come together purely to create exciting new combinations of music and art.  The first recital under this project was Clara Tsang’s Cello Recital in September 2012, followed by “Deep Autumn” in December of the same year.  Her latest recital was called “Forever Red the Shadow of Your Smile”, where jazz and classical came together.

In June 2013, Clara along with pianist Warren Lee will give us Brahms Addiction, playing Brahms’s two cello sonatas No. 1 in E minor Op.38 and No. 2 in F major Op.99, and also his cello sonata in D major Op. 78, transcribed from his G Major violin sonata.

具敏銳音樂觸覺的香港大提琴家曾鳳畢業於香港演藝學院大提琴演奏,師從港樂首席大提琴鮑力卓(Richard Bamping) 和王磊教授。受多位國際知名的大提琴家指導如美國已故寇蒂斯音樂院大提琴教授奧蘭多.科爾(Orlando Cole) ,美國德州大學章雨亭教授(Bion Tsang) 瑞士Thomas Gossenbacher,溫哥華交響樂團首席大提琴艾利奧巴恩斯(Ariel Barnes),英國安東尼浦利思(Anthony Pleeth) 和香港城市室樂團首席大提琴康雅談(Artem Konstantinov),並先後參加大師班跟隨太平洋交響樂團首席大提琴家Timothy LanduerGerhard lberer 和柏林愛樂樂團大提琴家Martin Menking2005年受邀參加日本太平洋音樂節(Pacific Music Festival) 跟隨法國指揮家俊馬爾凱樂(Jun Märkl)及意大利指揮家尼歐.桑(Nello Santi) 隨團演出。 2008年曾鳳舉行首次公開大提琴獨奏會。2012年獲加拿大The Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific 邀請連同指揮家Arthur Arnold合作演出。除樂團演出外,曾氏也積極參與現場音樂演奏、流行音樂唱片影片錄音錄影和跨媒體演出等各種音樂活動,如:2011香港美酒佳餚巡禮,2012《詠春拳法記錄片》及2013音樂實驗和聲音藝術的《聲音下寨》。

曾氏豐富的演奏經驗與音樂的熱誠驅使她於2004年創辦香港大提琴家協會(Hong Kong Cellist Society),並在香港及國內舉辦多項演奏項目包括香港首個大提琴音樂節(Hong Kong Cello Festival)、青年音樂家演奏計劃 (YMPP) 以及最新成立的Forever Red計劃。Forever Red計劃以曾氏為首,聯同本港或海外音樂藝術家演出不同領域不同風格的音樂作品,為每場音樂會帶來新氣息。自去年9月至今已舉辦了三場演出,包括曾鳳大提琴獨奏會,《深秋(Deep Autumn)和融合古典及爵士音樂的The Shadow of Your Smile》。                                                                                                                                               



Pianist – Warren Lee

Since his televised début with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra at the tender age of six, Hong Kong-born pianist Warren Lee was destined for a lifelong career in music, both on and off the stage.

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Music and Yale School of Music with the highest of honors, Warren was the first-prize winner of the 1995 Stravinsky Awards International Piano Competition and the “Grand Prix Ivo Pogorelich”. Hailed by The Straits Times as a musician with “superb pianism… a wonderful sense of colour and impeccably controlled articulation”, Warren’s artistry has brought him to four continents, gracing stages of all sizes and forms, from the National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing to Kettering in Tasmania, and from Carnegie Hall in New York to Colombo in Sri Lanka. In 2009, he was named a “Steinway Artist”, joining a distinguished roster of concert pianists in the world; and in 2012, received the Ten Most Outstanding Young Persons Award in Hong Kong in recognition of his outstanding achievement in the performing arts and exemplary contribution to the community.

Warren devotes much of his time off the stage advancing various education initiatives. He is currently the Music Director of St. Paul’s Co-educational College and Primary School, a role that led him to rekindle his passion for composing. His recent choral compositions have been gaining recognition internationally and are published by Porfiri and Horváth (Germany) and Pavane Publishing (USA). He is co-currently a Guest Professor at the Central Conservatory of Music EOS Orchestra Academy and an Visiting Artist in various universities and conservatories worldwide. His solo album, “From Bach To Gershwin”, released in 2008 on Universal Music (Hong Kong), has received critical acclaim for its contribution to music education.



李氏曾多次為香港電台第四台錄演,並兩度擔任其駐台藝術家。他的專輯《From Bach to Gershwin》更被《音響天地》稱為「一個值得香港人引以為榮的成功例子!





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